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Notes on the 1st String

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Standard Notation Tablature Version
E 1st String, Open F 1st String, 1st Fret G 1st String, 3rd Fret
first finger
third finger


The following are some basics of both right and left hand position.

1. Hold your pick between your first finger and thumb.


2. Your left hand thumb should be flat in the middle of the neck behind the 1st fret bar. Do not put the palm of your left hand on the back of the guitar at any time. Your thumb will move for different techniques, but in the beginning this allows all of your fingers to reach the notes easily.


3. Use the tips of your fingers and play as close to the fret bar as possible. (fig. 1) If your are to far back in the fret you will not get a good sound. (fig. 2) If you are on top of the fret bar you will not get a good sound. (fig. 3)


4. When playing from F to G keep your 1st finger down on the F note and stretch up to G.

5. Pick form your wrist and lightly touch the palm of your right hand near your thumb lightly on the lower strings (5th and 6th). This helps you keep your place with your right hand, and also helps control noise that can occur from the vibration of the lower strings. You hand should eventually "float" on the surface of the strings and not anchor at any on place. (Ten different guitar teachers will tell you ten different ways to hold your hands, so in the end find what is most comfortable for you.)

6. Tap your foot on the beat. This is a good habit to get into from the beginning. That way later on when you are playing more complex rhythms, you can keep your foot taping on a steady beat without thinking about it.


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17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF - Free Download

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