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Question #10

Q. I would like to know where I could get a good deal on a guitar on the web and what kind of guitar should I get (I want an electric guitar).

A.  As for finding a good deal on a guitar on the web..  I would steer you towards a good dealer in your area.  Don't buy a guitar from Sears or Service Merchandise, go to an actual music store.  A guitar is a very personal thing, and is hard to buy without playing it.  Also there is always some adjustments that need to be made after getting the guitar home and playing a little.  Having a store near by that you can have your guitar set up to your liking (for free!) will be a great plus.  Also any warranty work can be done at the store rather that you mailing the guitar back to the manufacturer or mail order company.  This will far out weigh the $30 you will save by buying from a catalog.  Find a store and salesperson that you feel comfortable with, and don't let a them sell you something you don't need.  Get a decent guitar in your price range, but don't over buy for your first guitar.

One of the biggest things I tell my students to look for in a guitar, is one without a moveable bridge/tremolo system with a locking nut and fine tuners (thumb screws).  If this is your one and only electric guitar for the moment you will you will need to tune this guitar up and down to different songs.  The disadvantage of a Floyd rose style tremolo system is that every time you tune one string up all the rest go down.  This makes tuning your guitar to different songs impossible.  You may be able to make neat dive bomb sounds but you won't be able to play along with your favorite songs.  Also make sure that there is an adjustable neck.

A good style of guitar I recommend for my beginning students is the Stratocaster.  Every guitar manufacturer makes a guitar in this style in the $190 to $250 price range, more for a better model.  Of course the original is the Fender Stratocaster but there are plenty of other brands.  Check out the warranties available on the guitar.  Sometimes these guitars are sold in a package deal with and amp,strap, tuner etc....

As far as and amplifier, spring for the reverb.  This will give you a much better sound from a small amp.  Any doubts check out and amp with and without reverb and you will spent the extra $50.


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Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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