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Welcome to Power Practicing. This is a special section of that features some great articles by classical guitarist Jamie Andreas. You rockers that just saw the word classical, get back here and read!

Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

Review: The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar - Cyberfret reviews the "Principles" by Jamie Andreas.


Teaching By Travel Brochure

Natural Talent

On Memorizing - Part One

On Memorizing - Part Two

Changing Bad Habits - Part Two

Changing Bad Habits - Part One

Aggressive Practicing

Thinking: What A Concept!

Conductor's Mind - Like a conductor in front of an orchestra we must have this complete awareness when we play.

Stage Fright - Stage fright can be devastating to your performance on the guitar. Learn to understand the problem, and how overcome it.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Teachers Lounge - You treat a thing the way you define it. Jamie Andreas gives insight into the mind of the guitar teacher. This one is for students and teachers alike.

Becoming a guitar teacher

Lost In Time - Jamie shows you how to make time your friend and not your enemy.

Climb Every Mountain - Jamie gives inspiration to strive for more than mediocrity in your guitar playing.

Making it - Jamie answers an email from someone asking what steps they should take to become a professional musician.

Becoming the music - We play music because a great desire has been awakened in us; and that great desire is to become the music.

Scales, who needs them? Why and What For, Anyway?!

Pulling Up The Slack: Mining Your Potential

Can I Teach Guitar? - Jamie gives insight and advice to future guitar teachers.

Bricks & Mortar - Jamie gives advice on how to cement your music together.

The Inner Master - "Once the Inner Master is found, everything else that can be useful becomes usable." Jamie helps you discover your Inner Master.

The Alone Place
- "If you can be in your alone place when you practice and play, you will connect with your own power and inspiration, and what you need you will find." - Jamie Andreas

The Meaning of Life - Jamie explores this light hearted subject.

My personal work habits - Jamie helps you improve your guitar practice habits by sharing her own.

How to nail a solo - Jamie gives tips on how to practice a lead guitar solo.

Removing The Barriers To Musical Expression - Jamie leads you on the path to greater expression through improving your guitar technique.

AC/DC - Back in Black - Here is a lesson on a rock classic, with details and pictures on how to bring it up to performance tempo!

Metallica's "One" - According to The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar

Be sure to check out Jamie's web site! - A site aimed at showing players how to reach their next level of playing ability, no matter what level they are currently at. This is done by teaching how to practice to get results, by using the principles of correct practice for guitar. It is also the perfect start for beginners, because it shows how to begin learning the guitar without getting all of the usual bad habits.

Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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