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Getting Started

Tuning your guitar

If you are taking your guitar out of the box for the first time, task #1 is to get in tune. This is easier said than done if you are new to music....even if you have an electronic tuner.

So my first suggestion is to take your guitar back to the music shop where you bought it and ask them if they can tune it for you. You are still going to have to tune the guitar, but if someone with some experience can at least get your guitar somewhere in the ball park of being in tune, you will have a much easier time.

If you bought your guitar online or from a department store, you are on your own. You could still take the guitar to your local music store and ask if they could please tune your guitar. Buy an electronic tuner from them to say thank you.

So now your guitar is at least somewhere in the ball park of being in tune. Even if you just drove home from the music store where they kindly tuned your guitar, it is probably already a little out of tune. Here is a guitar lesson to help you learn how to tune your guitar.

  • Basic Tuning - Learn the most basic tuning method, tune with a piano, electronic tuners, tuning forks, etc...


Music Fundamentals via reading music

I am well aware that only a small fraction of you are going to spend some time learning to read music. Basic human nature. But for those that put a little effort into learning at least the basics of reading music on the guitar, you will have a big advantage over those that skip this subject.

You are going to learn some basics of music that are hard to learn in any other way. Here on you will find a basic method for learning to read music.


Hand Position

Learning how to hold your hands on the instrument is a big part of what you need to get under control in the first week of playing. here are a couple of guitar lessons on basic right and left hand technique.


Basic Guitar Chords

The meat and potatoes of playing guitar will involve chords. A chord is more than one note played at a time. Here are some lessons you should check out to learn your basic chords on the guitar.

  • Chord Primer - How to read guitar chord charts and basic hand position while playing chords.

  • Beginning 7 - These are the first seven basic guitar chords that you should learn.

  • Open position Dm and F - What about F and Dm... aren't they basic guitar chords? But of course, here they are.

  • Power Chords - Crank up the distortion and shatter the windows. These are the staple of any heavy guitar playing.

  • Basic major and minor barre chords - Play any major or minor chord in 2 places on the neck of the guitar with these chord forms.


Chord Strumming and Accompaniment

Once you have learned a hand full of chords, it is time to start learn some strumming patterns. There are thousands of songs you can play that just involve basic chords, and some rhythmic strums. Check out these guitar lessons to get started with strumming.

  • Chord strumming 101 - An introduction to basic strumming patterns for guitar.

  • 4/4 accompaniment strum patterns - Learn these basic guitar strums with some familiar song examples.

  • That Swing Thang - Learning the basics of swing rhythms on the guitar, not swing style. Swinging rhythms are used in all styles from rock, blues, country, jazz...


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Getting Started

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Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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