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Perfect Pitch - Absolute Pitch - Part 5
Guest teacher series
Graham English

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Absolute Pitch - Part 5
Demolishing self-sabotage
by Graham English

Now, take the time to let yourself daydream about something relaxing. Focus on your breath flowing in and out. When you are relaxed and attentive, read on.

Sometimes, we have hidden internal motives that don't want us to succeed. You see, we all have many different parts that make up who we are. This is normal and simply describes our internal process of thinking and decision making. For example, a part of you might want to go out for dinner and a part of you might want to stay in. These points of view may be considered separate, but overlapping, parts that are each working in the best interest of the self. Each part has "its" own reasons for supporting a different point of view.

With overweight people, a part of that person might actually want to stay overweight as a protection against being hurt. If that person remains overweight and never gets close to anyone, then the chances of being hurt lessen. So the part that wants to be healthy and in good shape is in direct conflict with the part that wants to remain overweight and avoid loss. But both parts have the best interest of the self in mind. They are simply coming from very different angles.

How these separate parts relate to having absolute pitch is different for each individual. But a lot of times we hinder our own absolute pitch development. I experienced this as a fear of the responsibility of having an outstanding ear. Living up to the high standards of absolute pitch scared me and caused me to hinder my own personal growth. But once I realized and acknowledged that part of me and what that part of me wanted, which was to protect me, I was able to make friends with both parts and actually make them whole.

You may know of someone who said this, or maybe you said it yourself, that absolute pitch would make listening to music difficult. That part was simply protecting the self from being let down. But we know that absolute pitch is absolutely a hearing enhancement, not a hindrance.

And lesson 5 is all about digging in the dirt to see what might be holding us back. If you don't have absolute pitch now, after listening to this session, when you buy Absolute Pitch Power, and possibly going through some of the previous sessions again, you will. I guarantee it.

This part of Absolute Pitch Power is extremely difficult to do as an individual. Perhaps just knowing this information will help you. But if you want make sure you succeed, I will help you when you buy Absolute Pitch Power!

Absolute Pitch Power uses a technique called parts therapy to uncover self-sabotage. This session is highly specialized and guaranteed to work! But only when you order Absolute Pitch Power.


Graham English, CHT

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Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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