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Perfect Pitch - Absolute Pitch - Part 3
Guest teacher series
Graham English

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Absolute Pitch - Part 3
Program Your Mind
by Graham English

Now, take the time to let yourself daydream about something relaxing. Focus on your breath flowing in and out. When you are relaxed and attentive, read on.

The third step to having absolute pitch is to program your mind. This is the most exciting part!

It's highly recommended that you continue to do the exercises from the previous two lessons. This will insure fast results.

This is the process:

You must first go to alpha level using the instructions from lesson 2. With your instrument, while in alpha, choose any four notes for this exercise (it's best to choose notes that also use relative pitch in the beginning, like a C major 7 chord, D minor 7 chord, etc.). Play each tone about 5 times in a row. In between playing each tone, imagine the tone in your mind. Do this in as relaxed a manner as possible. Listen deeply and easily. Don't try to listen, just relax and let the tones come to you. In 3 sessions, you will have programmed the entire chromatic scale. It's that simple! The important thing is not to ask too many questions about this process. Asking questions brings the critical mind into the picture and slows down the programming process.


In all of life, it's very important to be aware of the critical mind. The critical mind is extremely important- such as when searching for the truth about a situation. But when we want to program a positive behavior or belief, the critical mind can negatively influence our decision to do so.

So when directed, the critical mind can be a wonderful problem solver. When undirected and unfocused, the critical mind can build barriers to positive programming or even cause you to cling to negative programming! We'll talk more about the critical mind and how it relates to absolute pitch in lesson 5.

There you go, an extra life-lesson thrown in for free :)

Now, it must be understood that you might recognize these tones in some situations but not in others. For instance, while practicing or ear training, you may know what a C sounds like before you play it but, while listening to the radio, you might not recognize that a song is in the key of C. You will better activate this mind programming in the next session!

Of course, I will do this mind programming for you when you buy Absolute Pitch Power!

These exercises should be practiced over the next week or so. Choose 3 groups of 4 notes and stick to a single group for a few days before moving on to the next group.

Be sure and read all 5 parts of this perfect pitch series

Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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