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Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar with these online video guitar lessons. From beginning guitar lessons to more intermediate and advance guitar instruction.

Also be sure and check out the "guitar lessons" menu at the top of the page, and browse the different categories for more lessons. There are other free online guitar lessons that are not listed below.

How to Use a Chromatic Guitar Tuner
Learning how to tune your guitar is essential as a beginning guitar player. Learn how to tune a guitar using a chromatic tuner.

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Skeleton Dominant 7th Chords
Learn some small movable dominant 7th chords and put them into practice by playing a blues in the key of G. MP3 Jam Track Included.

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Pinch Harmonics
Pinch harmonics are a type of artificial harmonic that can add another dimension to your lead guitar playing. AKA pick harmonics or squealies.

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Sweep Picking Blues Lick
Learn a sweep picking blues guitar lick in the key of A. MP3 Jam Tracks and tablature download included.

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DIY Guitar Setup Guide
Often you will need to make some adjustments to your guitar or do other basic guitar maintenance. This lesson will guide you through a DIY Guitar Setup.

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Riff Blues in E
Learn a cool riff blues in the key of E. This blues guitar arrangement sounds great even if you are just playing by yourself.

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Cool Guitar Chords in 7/8 Time
Learn some interesting sounding chords in 7/8 time. Odd time signatures like 7/8 are often used in progressive rock music.

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Strumming Without a Pick
Don't have a pick? Or maybe your strumming in a fingerstyle song. Learn a few common way to strum with your fingers.

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Percussive Lead Guitar
Learn how to add some percussive sounds into your lead guitar solos. Jam Track included.

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Loverboy Power Chord
Learn a power chord form that's used a lot in rock music. I call it the "Loverboy Power Chord". It's time to get your 80s on...

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