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Open String Flash Guitar Licks Pt. III
Guest teacher series
Paul Tauterouff

Open String Flash
Guitar Licks Pt. III
by Paul Tauterouff

Welcome back to the third and final installment of my Open String Flash Licks series.

In this lesson I am going to show you ways in which I implement the concepts we discussed in Open String Flash Licks Pt. II - the open String hammers and pulls and my "twisted rule of threes" ideas.

The licks we will be examining are excerpts from a guest solo I played on the track "Deceiver" from my good friend Nick Layton's Storming The Castle CD. Thanks to Nick for permission to use the audio clip in this lesson.

I am going to break down the two licks which utilize the open string hammers and pulls and "threes concepts."

For the majority of the solo I am using notes in the key of G minor.

Lick One: (which occurs at around 00:08 in the audio clip) uses open strings hammered onto two notes on each string. It's a pretty straightforward lick, and it's fairly easy to play licks like this at high speed.

Open string flash guitar licks #1

Audio Clip


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Lick Two: (00:09 in the audio clip) uses pulls-offs to open strings and also the "rules of three" concept from Open String Flash Licks Part II. I am using the notes of the G minor pentatonic scale with the open string notes, which implies a G Dorian tonality, but I wasn't thinking about this - I was just trying to burn!

Open string flash guitar licks #2

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A the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to once again remind you that you will get the greatest benefit from this (as with all of my lessons) by using the concepts or ideas discussed to generate your own licks in different keys and with various scales.

Happy jamming!

©2009 Paul Tauterouff All Rights Reserved. Used by permission

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