Building Guitar Calluses

One very common complaint made by new guitar players is that the tips of their fingers get sore when playing. In this guitar lesson I’m going to give you some tips on developing guitar calluses. Building calluses for guitar is going to be important¬† because everything you play will be easier once you have developed calluses on your finger tips.

Building Calluses For Guitar

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Exercise For Developing Guitar Calluses

When first learning to play guitar it’s important to develop calluses on the entire surface of the tips of all 4 fingers.¬† So here is something to do to help you develop guitar calluses.

After you are finished playing guitar for the day, irritate the entire surface of the tips of your fingers by pressing down on the strings with different parts of your finger. The goal is to irritate your finger tips. It’s that irritation that causes the development of calluses.

Yes, I am telling your to hurt yourself on purpose :)

Sometimes when you are just playing normally you will develop a callus on only one part of the tip of your finger. Therefore when you are playing and do not hit the callused part of your finger it’s uncomfortable. Not to say that irritating the entire surface of the tips of your fingers will not be uncomfortable at first, but it will help you develop better calluses more quickly.

Doing this will also help make playing easier since pressing down on a harder surface (the callus) takes less pressure that a soft surface.

Building Guitar Calluses

Ouch, the tips of my fingers hurt!

Other Tips for Building Guitar Calluses

1. Practice and play your guitar more often :) You will build guitar calluses naturally.

2. Practice on an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars have thicker strings, and it’s a little harder to press the strings down. So it’s harder on your finger tips and you will build your guitar calluses faster.

3. Do a lot of bends on an electric guitar. Bending strings is a little tougher on your finger tips, you again you will build your calluses faster by giving your finger tips a workout.

Don’t Injure Yourself Building Guitar Calluses!

Yes, you want to irritate the tips of your finger to build calluses…but don’t injure yourself. You may have heard a story of how a particular guitar great played until their fingers bled. You do not need to do this. If you follow the tips I just mentioned, you will develop your guitar calluses with no need for blood :)