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Guitar Practice & Motivation

Practice makes perfect, right? Well practicing guitar in the wrong way can actually hurt you. These guitar lessons and articles will help you get the most out of your guitar practice time. As well as keep you motivated and making progress with your guitar playing.

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All guitar lessons on are in the process of being updated. Below are some guitar practice & motivation guitar lessons from the old website that have not made it to the new one yet.

How To Fix Common Guitar Practice Problems - In this guitar lesson Tom Hess teaches you when you should you use a metronome in your guitar practice, and when can it actually hurt your progress.

Get More From Your Guitar Practice - In this guitar lesson virtuoso Tom Hess gives you 8 steps to develop a highly efficient guitar practice schedule.

Fire and Inspiration - Guitar virtuoso Tom Hess helps you re ignite the inner fire you have for guitar, and playing music.

Can YOU Really Become a Great Guitar Player? - Virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess gives advice on how to reach your musical goals.

Plans Are NOT Goals - Guitar virtuoso Tom Hess helps you map a path to your musical future.

Top Secrets of Common Sense - Part 1 - Guitar virtuoso Tom Hess asks the question "What will you do right now to reach your musical goals on the guitar?"

Most of you are totally out of balance - Bring equilibrium to your guitar skills.

Begin at the End - Guitarist Tom Hess helps you reach your goals as a guitar player and musician.

An Analysis of Effective Guitar Practice - Part 1 - Guitarist Tom Hess helps you make your guitar practice more efficient.

How to Avoid Musical Burn Out - Do you sometimes find it difficult to stay focused and motivated to practice guitar or play music? Guitar Virtuoso Tom Hess helps you find your motivation.

Perseverance - It Will Make You Or Break You! - Great guitar players were not just born great players, they worked hard to perfect their skills. Guitarist Tom Hess shows you how perseverance can help you reach your goals.

Are You An Unhappy Musician? - 10 Ways To Get Musical Pain Relief - Guitar virtuoso Tom Hess gives 10 ways to help you reach your goals on the guitar.

Practicing Guitar: Self Discipline or Fun? - Tom Hess shows you how guitar practice can be both productive, and fun.

How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of Time - Guitar Virtuoso Tom Hess shows you how you can make more progress in 30 minutes than most people can achieve in 2 hours of practicing guitar.

11 Damaging Mistakes Guitar Players Make and How To Avoid Them - Guitar virtuoso Tom Hess takes you through a check list of things to avoid on the journey to improving your guitar playing.

My Wrong Ideas About Guitar Practice - In this guitar lesson Paul Kleff shares 5 important myths about practicing guitar.

Creating a balanced practice schedule - Guitar virtuoso Mike Walsh teach how to become a better musician by organizing your guitar practice time.

What does it take to be a great guitarist? - Guitarist John Gilliat gives some useful tips on how to become a great guitar player and organize your guitar practice

Some Reasons For Not Reaching Your Goals - Guitarist Mike Philippov helps you identify what is holding you back from reaching your goals as a guitar player.

Common Myths About Guitar Playing - Guitarist Mike Philippov help dispel some common myths about playing the guitar.

The Art of Practicing - Learning to play guitar can be a chore. This article discusses how to put the fun back into guitar practice and shows how you can see fast results.

Start Achieving Your Guitar Goals Today - In this guitar lesson Joel Wanasek addresses some strategies on how you can start achieving more on your guitar today.

3 Uncommon Guitar Practicing Ideas - Break out of your "normal", and sometimes boring guitar practice routines with these great practicing tips from guitarist Kole.

Battling Discouragement When Learning Guitar - In this guitar lesson Jason Wilford teaches you how to stay the course in your guitar practice, even when you do not seem to be making progress.

Guitar Fretboard Visualization - In this guitar lesson Joe Pinnavaia teaches you about the most powerful guitar practice tool available...your mind.

Power Practicing - A collection of guitar practice and motivation articles by master guitarist Jamie Andreas.