Ear Training for Guitar

Guitar Ear Training

Music is obviously about sound, so training your ears to recognize common note and chord combinations is an important skill to have. In these online guitar lessons you will learn how to train your ears, and how that applies to the neck of the guitar.

Cyberfret.com Legacy Ear Training Guitar Lessons

All guitar lessons on Cyberfret.com are in the process of being updated. Below are some ear training guitar lessons from the old website that have not made it to the new one yet.

Absolute Pitch - Perfect Pitch Ear Training - Graham English gives insight into how to develop absolute pitch or also known as "perfect pitch".

Part 1 - The Power to Recognize Pitch
Part 2 - The Power to Recognize Pitch
Part 3 - Program your mind
Part 4 - Absolute Pitch Activation
Part 5 - Demolishing self-sabotage

Developing your ear - Ear training is the most important skill most guitar players don't have. Guitarist/Teacher Tom Hess gives some good advice on how to develop you ear in this guitar lesson.

Guitar Transcription: the hows and whys - This guitar lesson by MaximumMusician.com's Darrin Koltow helps you channel frustration into a way for you to get results from your guitar transcription experiences.

Learning Guitar Music By Ear - In this ear training guitar lesson you will learn to figure out songs by ear.

Making a Living as a Guitar Music Transcriber/Arranger - Guitarist Dale Turner shares his experience with another avenue of earning money in the music business.

Ear Training Software Review - Functional Ear Trainer - Do your ear a favor and read this review, then download the free Functional Ear Trainer software and improve your ear and your guitar playing.