Mystery Eagles Guitar Chord – D7sus4/G

In this video guitar lesson you will learn a chord used in many songs by The Eagles. It’s a guitar chord that sometimes stumps a lot of guitar players when they hear it, and is wrong in most Eagles guitar tablature found on the Internet. The chord is called D7sus4/G. Sounds fancy, but it’s pretty easy to play, and has a cool sound.

Eagles Guitar Chord – D7sus4/G

(Video Guitar Lesson)


D7sus4/G Guitar Chord Chart

So here is the magical Eagles guitar chord. A D7sus4 “slash” G chord. That is a D7sus4 chord, but with a G as the lowest sounding note in the chord form.

You will want to mute the 5th string by lightly touching it with your left hand 3rd finger. I call this the “lazy finger mute”…because instead of getting right on the tip of your 3rd finger when playing your 6th string at the 3rd fret, you are going to let your 3rd finger be a little lazy and also lightly touch that 5th string.

D7sus4/G - Guitar Chord Chart

So for a plain old D7sus4 chord you would just be playing just 4 strings.

D7sus4 -  Guitar Chord Chart

D7sus4/G is what is known as a “Slash Chord”. A chord with a bass note that is different than the root of the chord. The root of a D7sus4 chord is D. And if you just played the basic D7sus4 chord above, the lowest note you are playing is a D on the 4th string open. My Rhythm Guitar Mastery Phase 2 course has a full chapter and comprehensive video guitar lesson covering Slash Chords for Guitar.

But for D7sus4 “slash” G. It’s G that is the lowest sounding note of the chord.

Why is this guitar chord a “mystery”?

While this chord is common in a lot of Eagles tunes, it’s not necessarily a common guitar chord in general. And because the lowest note in the chord is a G, often people mistake this chord for a more common G or G7 chord. G7 tends to be the chord I see many people play when really it’s this D7sus4/G chord.

G7 Guitar Chord Chart

Intro To “Take at Easy” by the Eagles

So the D7sus4/G chord is used in “Desperado”, “Lyin’ Eyes” and other Eagles classics…but a great one to give it some practice is the song “Take at Easy”. Our D7sus4 chord is the 3rd one used in the into.

Check out this strumming guitar lesson for some help on playing the strum pattern below. Common Guitar Strumming Pattern Guitar Lesson

Eagles "Take it Easy" Intro Guitar Chords

The C/G Chord

Besides the D7sus4/G chord, there is also another slash chord in the into of “Take at Easy”. And that’s a C/G chord. A C with a G in the bass.

C/G Guitar Chord Chart

So have some fun with your new Eagles guitar chord. And if you are ever playing an Eagles tune, and you hear a G as the bass note…and G or G7 just doesn’t seem to fit, try out this D7sus4/G chord.


Eagles “Take at Easy” Intro Jam Track

A great way to put your new chord to the test is to do a little jamming with the play along track below.

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