Allman Brothers “Elizabeth Reed” Chords

Here are a couple of “jazzy” chord forms that I first learned in the song “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” by The Allman Brothers. Just some of the many things I learned from the Allman Brothers classic live album “At Fillmore East”.

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” Guitar Chords

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There are 3 chords in the chord progression for the song, but only 2 chord forms. There’s a major 7 chord, and a minor 7 chord form. The minor 7 chord is just played in a couple of different places on the neck.

C Major 7 Chord

The first chord is a C major 7. Since this chord form doesn’t have any open strings, you could move it around the neck as well. But if the note on the 6th string is played at the 8th fret, then this is a Cmaj7 (C Major 7) chord.

What could be a little tricky in this chord is to play the note on the 6th string with your thumb. If you have smaller hands, you could just leave that note out. If you do play it, you also have to reach around the neck enough to also mute out the 5th string by lightly touching it with your thumb.

Cmaj7 Guitar Chord Chart


A Minor 7 Chord

The next jazzy Allman Brothers chord is an Am7 (A Minor 7). For this chord form you are going to bar your 1st finger across the top 4 strings at the 5th fret. Next you are going to wrap your thumb around the neck and play the note on the 6th strings 5th fret, and mute the 5th string as well.

Just like with the Cmaj7 chord, if you are having trouble playing the note on the 6th string with your thumb, just leave it out. Even without the note on the 6th string, this is still an Am7 Chord.

Am7 Guitar Chord Chart


B Minor 7 Chord

Last chord you need to jam on some Allman Brothers is a Bm7 chord. And there is nothing new to learn, just take the Am7 chord form and move it up 2 frets to the 7th fret.

Bm7 Guitar Chord Chart

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” Chord Progression

And here is the chord progression for the Allman Brothers “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”.

Allman Brothers "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" Chord Progression

Have fun with your new jazzy Allman Brothers chords.