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Guitar Chords

A chord is the more than one note played at a time. Chords are the starting point for all rhythm guitar playing, and in these online guitar lessons you will learn everything from basic guitar chords, to some more "fancy" ones. Legacy Guitar Chord Lessons

All guitar lessons on are in the process of being updated. Below are some chord guitar lessons from the old website that have not made it to the new one yet.

Guitar Chord Dictionary - This guitar chord dictionary includes guitar chords charts covering major, minor, power chords, barre chords and more. From basic guitar chords, to more advanced forms.

Featured Guitar Chords - Learn some unique guitar chords.

Open position Dm and F - What about F and Dm... aren't they basic guitar chords? But of course, here they are.

Power Chords - Crank up the distortion and shatter the windows. Power chords are the staple of any heavy guitar playing.

Slash Chords - G/B, F/C, D/F#.....Learn what these guitar chord symbols mean, and how to play them.

E on the move - Learn new guitar chords, without learning a new chord shape.

One Finger Barre Chords - Guitarist Kevin Taylor shows you how to incorporate one finger barre chords into your playing in this video guitar lesson.

Learn how to play a B minor chord on the guitar - In this video guitar lesson Dario Patrono from "Guitar Tips For Kids" shows you how to play a B minor chord.