Guitar Chord Finder

There are a lot of guitar chords. When you are first learning to play guitar you learn the most basic guitar chords. And as time goes on you build a larger and larger vocabulary of different chords.

But there will always be a time when you come across a chord in a song where you might say… “What the heck is that”? Well that’s when an online guitar chord finder like you will find at the bottom of this page can help.

This online guitar chord finder has 4 different neck perspectives. By default it’s set to “Right-Handed Upside Down”. If you are a right handed guitar player, than this will be like you are looking down at your left hand.

There’s the option for “Right-Handed Upright” as well. And that would be like you are looking at another guitar player playing the chord.

This is also a left handed chord finder. Choose the “Left-Handed Upside Down” option for the perspective of looking down at your right hand, and Left-Handed Upright for if you were looking at another lefty playing the chords. …How often does that happen… :) But it’s there if you want it.

There are then a bunch of drop down menus for the chords. The first one is “Basic”. These are just some of your most basic guitar chord forms. Then all of the other drop down menus show the guitar chords by root. The root of a chord is just the primary note that the chord is build from and named by.

So A, Am, A7, A9, Asus2 all have a root of A.

Watch the video guitar lesson below for how to use the online chord finder on this page.