I just want to play some songs on the guitar!

Guide to Playing Songs on the Guitar CoverYep, music theory is great, and you gotta learn some chords…and scales. But you wanted to learn how to play guitar to play songs from the bands and artists you love.

This Free Guitar eBook will help you do just that.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn.

CheckLearn the 3 key ways to learn guitar songs. With music, by ear, and by rote.

CheckLearn all of the forms that printed music comes in, and how to choose the best one depending on the song you want to play.

CheckLearn how to read guitar tablature, and how to cut through the confusion of what you see. What I call “Looking a Tablature through Filtered Glasses”.

CheckLearn secret sources for free high quality sheet music.

CheckLearn guitar songs by ear with these techniques and free software tools.

CheckJust want someone to “show you how to play guitar songs”…find out where.

Right Click on the link below and save the zip file to your computer. Once on your computer, unzip the file and you will find 3 versions of the eBook. One is a PDF that you can view on your computer with Adobe Reader, or on your iPad or other tablet

The the other 2 formats are for ebook readers. There is a .mobi file for use on an Amazon Kindle, and a .epub format for Barnes & Noble Nook or Sony Reader.

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