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Beginners Guide to Playing the Guitar
by Shawn Bradshaw

OK, so you have this new foreign object in your hand that has 6 strings. What now? The task of learning guitar from zero can be a little overwhelming. In this beginner guitar article I'm going to give you some tips on how to get started.

Private Lessons

One big question for a beginning guitar player is whether or not to take private lessons. All things being equal I'm going to give you a simple answer. Yes. A good private guitar teacher can help you make improvement faster than you can on your own. And give you personal insight into problems you are having.

A private teacher can also help you with specific songs geared toward your musical tastes. With that said sometimes it will not be possible for you to take private lessons. The first obstacle is the cost. You are going to spend $100 (US dollars) or more every month for lessons. You also may not live in an area where you can find a good instructor.

And that's the other thing....a good instructor. Unfortunately there are a lot of very bad guitar teachers out there. And as a beginner it's sometimes hard to know who the good guys are.

When searching for a private teacher, ask about the teachers education, and teaching experience. It's a benefit but not an essential to find a teacher with a degree in music. Make sure they teach the style of music you are interested in. And make sure they have at least a few years of teaching experience.

Try a teacher for at least 2 months before quitting. And then if you think the teacher is not a good match for you, try another teacher before giving up on private lessons all together. Ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Even if you are taking private lessons, don't let that be your only source of learning.

Buying some books and DVD's as well as learning from online guitar lesson sources will help you improve much faster. You will also learn different material that maybe your private teacher can not help you with.

Guitar Books, DVDs and other Courses

If you are looking for a good book or DVD to get you started, you are going to be a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of stuff out there. There is some good stuff, and some dismally bad stuff out there.

In my 25+ years of private teaching, I have seen a lot of products on how to play guitar. And putting together a comprehensive list would be impossible. So I'm going to suggest 2 products I think are the best for beginning guitar players.

The first one I wrote, so of course I think it's the best :) It's called Rhythm Guitar Mastery. It teaches you how to play guitar from the angle of playing and strumming chords. It starts you off from the very beginning. Like how to hold a guitar beginning, and takes you on from there. If you want to learn how to strum, this is the course for you. It's available as a digital download here on, or you can also purchase a version with 18 DVD's and 3 printed books.

Next is a course called Learn & Master Guitar by Steve Krenz. This is a 20 DVD, 5 CD set with a 100+ page book. If you are a beginner, get this. Even if you are going to take private lessons and use other books or DVD's. Check out my review here. Learn and Master Guitar Review

Disclosure: is paid a commission if you purchase Learn & Master Guitar through the link above, or in my review. With that said, the review is my own honest opinion of the product and based on my 25+ years of teaching guitar privately.

Note: If you want to bypass my "kickback" you can just type Learn & Master Guitar into a search engine...I still recommend it :)

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Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

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