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These lessons have been floating around the web for years and were not written by the cyberfret staff. Therefore they are offered AS IS with no warranty, no money back guarantee, no technical support, no ads, and no pretty background (just plain gray and text, the way it was back in the old days, AND WE LIKED IT) The author of the material is at the top of each lesson. This is part of the history of guitar lessons on the Internet...

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 00:20:05 -0100
From: Andreas Itten 
Subject: INFO: Blues Licks I

Blues Licks (Version 1.0)

Hello there, this is my first sheet of (Ascii) Music. These are only a 
few Licks I 
came across the last years. If you like this page, or you have comments 
or corrections or you want more Licks , mail me ! ( = 
Andreas Itten

Special Note: The following Licks are very simple and as I think they 
sound authentic. Especially for Beginners, they sound cool and 
help to "open the Blues

Enjoy !

Lick 1:																				Lick 2:


Lick 3: (Slide into the Notes...)         Lick 4: (Also Slide in the 


Lick 5:


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