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Free Guitar Chords. Free guitar lessons covering how to play guitar chords.

Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

Guitar Chord Finder - This free program will help you easily find the guitar chord you are looking for. Chose a guitar chord from the huge list, and up pops the chord chart.

Guitar Codex - This free online program is a scale finder, arpeggio finder, and has a guitar chord naming function.

Guitar Chord Dictionary - This guitar chord dictionary includes guitar chords charts covering major, minor, power chords, barre chords and more. From basic guitar chords, to more advanced forms.

Changing Between Guitar Chords - In this free guitar chord lesson you will learn how to make the switch between different chords more smoothly.

Featured Guitar Chords - Learn some unique guitar chords.

Guitar Chord Primer - How to read guitar chord charts and learn basic hand position.

Beginning 7 - These are the first seven basic guitar chords that you should learn.

Open position Dm and F - What about F and Dm... aren't they basic guitar chords? But of course, here they are.

Power Chords - Crank up the distortion and shatter the windows. Power chords are the staple of any heavy guitar playing.

Barre Chords - Barre chords (bar chords) are moveable guitar chords that can be played anywhere on the neck. In this guitar lesson you will learn 2 major, and 2 minor barre chord forms.

Slash Chords - G/B, F/C, D/F#.....Learn what these guitar chord symbols mean, and how to play them.

E on the move - Learn new guitar chords, without learning a new chord shape.

*Guest Guitar Lessons Series - Kevin Taylor*
One Finger Barre Chords Video Guitar Lesson - Guitarist Kevin Taylor shows you how to incorporate one finger barre chords into your playing in this video guitar lesson.

*Guest Guitar Lessons Series - Dario Patrono*
Learn how to play a B minor chord on the guitar Video Guitar Lesson - In this video guitar lesson Dario Patrono from "Guitar Tips For Kids" shows you how to play a B minor chord.

Guitar Chord Strumming

Chord Strumming 101 - An introduction to basic strumming patterns for guitar.

4/4 guitar strum patterns - Learn these basic guitar strums with some familiar song examples.

That Swing Thang - Learn the basics of swing rhythms on the guitar. Swinging rhythms are used in all styles from rock, blues, country, jazz...

Free Download - 17 Essential Strum Patterns PDF

Guitar Courses

Rhythm Guitar Mastery
How to strum guitar like a pro, master rhythms, and build your vocabulary of essential chords

17 Essential Strum Patterns
Learn 17 Strums, 8 Bonus Songs + Chord Book

60s Rock Strumming Songs
Learn how to play 18 classic 60s rock tunes

70s Rock Strumming Songs
Learn how to play 20 classic 70s rock tunes

80s Rock Strumming Songs
Learn how to play 20 classic 80s rock tunes

90s Rock Strumming Songs
Learn how to play 20 classic 90s rock tunes

Modern Country Strumming Songs
Learn how to play 16 modern country songs

Guitar Lick Factory
A system for creating rock & blues guitar licks