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Riff Blues in E
Learn a cool riff blues in the key of E. This blues guitar arrangement sounds great even if you are just playing by yourself.
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Cool Guitar Chords in 7/8 Time
Learn some interesting sounding chords in 7/8 time. Odd time signatures like 7/8 are often used in progressive rock music.
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Strumming Without a Pick
Don't have a pick? Or maybe your strumming in a fingerstyle song. Learn a few common way to strum with your fingers.
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Percussive Lead Guitar
Learn how to add some percussive sounds into your lead guitar solos. Jam Track included.
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Loverboy Power Chord
Learn a power chord form that's used a lot in rock music. I call it the "Loverboy Power Chord". It's time to get your 80s on...
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Evil Guitar Chords
Learn how to play some evil sounding guitar chords. These chord sounds are often found in hard rock and metal music.
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Embellishing an A Chord
Sometimes when you're playing a song you'll have the freedom to embellish the chords. Learn how to spice up a basic A chord.
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How’s it Going To Be? Chords
Learn the strums and chords for "How's it Going To Be?" from Third Eye Blind. Sheet Music included.
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Latest Guitar Blog Posts

Student Becomes the Teacher
One of my former students will teach you some cool double stop ideas inspired by George Harrison.

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Dogs Playing Bluegrass
Silly video of dogs playing bluegrass music. Yes siree, man's best friend can play bluegrass too.

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Shawn Bradshaw’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Watch's Shawn Bradshaw take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...with a twist.

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